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Carmel Olefins Ltd.

Main Activity in Nanotechnology

Material Manufacturer

About Company

Carmel Olefins Ltd. is Israel's largest producer of polymers and the sole producer of polyolefins.

The Company manufactures and sells:

  • Low-Density Polyethylene under the registered trade mark IPETHENE
  • Polypropylene under the registered trade mark CAPILENE
  • Various technical Compounds
  • These product lines are marketed both in Israel and abroad.

Ipethene® is the registered trade name of a large variety of Low-Density Polyethylene grades produced since 1963 and used for the production of films for agriculture and packaging, irrigation pipes and for various injection and blow moulded articles.

Capilene® is the registered trade name of Polypropylene homopolymers, impact and random copolymers, produced since 1993 and used for production of garden furniture, cabinets, lockers, storage systems, toys, toolboxes, household articles, packaging, transparent films, fibers, fabrics - woven and non woven, and many others.

CarmelTech™ is the trade name of PP-R compounds produced since 1998, for sanitary pipes and fittings.

CarmelStat™ is the trade name of a series of electrostatic dissipative (ESD) compounds produced since 1996, for reusable packaging boxes, shipping containers, material handling bins and partitions and chip trays that are widely used throughout many industries including the hardware and automotive industries.

As a major point of its overall policy, Carmel Olefins Ltd. places a strong emphasis on Quality Assurance, Safety and Environment responsibility of its processes and products .

The Company is active in developing new products and improving the performance of the existing products, in order to satisfy the requirements of its customers.

The Company has continuously expanded its production capacity to accommodate immediate and long-term marketing needs.

Carmel Olefins Ltd. endeavors to translate its processes, advanced know-how and technical ability of its employees into excellent service and support to its customers.

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Carmel Olefins Ltd.

P.O.B 1468
Israel Haifa


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