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Metcomb Nanostructures

About Company

Metcomb Nanostructures' Cellular Metal is here and will revolutionize the cars of the future, aerospace, defense and a wide range of other industrial applications.

With its patented Integrated Nanostructure Control process, Metcomb Nanostructures leverages nanotechnology to create the first "closed cell" Cellular Aluminum that is uniformly consistent, mirroring the way Mother Nature creates organic load-bearing materials, such as wood, bone and coral.

Metcomb's cellular aluminum can be molded into any shape, making it the only cellular metal that can replace heavier metals in industrial-strength applications. With this groundbreaking process and material, Metcomb customers can bring innovative products to market that are safer, more comfortable, and more fuel efficient.

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Metcomb Nanostructures

Kleinreichenbach 25
3900 Schwarzenau

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