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CEYX Technologies Inc.

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About Company

CEYX® Technologies is the leading provider of software-enabled control systems for light emitting devices. CEYX designs, develops and markets embedded firmware for use in optical transceivers for communications networks, liquid crystal display (LCD) backlights for products such as large-format TV screens, light emitting diode (LED) devices such as LED arrays, and specialized optical devices such as optical sensors and military laser applications.

CEYX software enables design teams to replace an entire power hungry, single-use circuit board with a smart, adaptive, digital file which can be embedded in any off-the-shelf or custom microprocessor. CEYX technology is built around a core IP that provides a software-enabled control system with built-in intelligence and learning, as well as real-time feedback. This innovative approach represents a huge transformation in architecture that will render current state-of-the-art analog solutions obsolete and become the de facto standard for systems that monitor and control any form of emitted light.

Power consumption and real time compensation are the most significant issues facing producers of any light emitting product. Manufacturers are anxious to create a new generation of industrial and consumer products with greater performance at substantially lower costs utilizing fewer engineering resources. CEYX firmware controls replace analog hardware circuitry with an intelligent digital software solution. Its patented software improves production functionality and reduces manufacturing costs for a wide array of OEMs in various markets.

The company’s revolutionary new LightSmartTM Control firmware solution improves laser performance, extends laser life, reduces manufacturing cycle times and increases yields. Among its technological breakthroughs are age compensation, automatic laser calibration and laser performance prediction. CEYX continuous closed-loop algorithms result in lifetime stability for ER (extinction ratio) and OMA (optical modulation amplitude) behavior.

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CEYX Technologies Inc.

3645 Ruffin Road Suite 101
CA, 92123 San Diego

Phone: 1 (858) 270 2399

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