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VitaTech Engineering

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About Company

VitaTech Engineering was founded in December 1984 by Mr. Louis Vitale, President & Chief Engineer, as a biomedical research & development company in Boca Raton, Florida. Mr. Vitale developed a portable, inexpensive, microprocessor controlled electrocardiograph (ECG) monitor called the VitaScope for the home health industry. A clinical prototype was completed in April 1986 and demonstrated to the Texas Heart cardiology group. After the project was completed the Company moved to Northern Virginia.

In April 1988 VitaTech Engineering, LLC resumed business as a specialized audio, video, computer graphics, and communication systems engineering company experienced in the design and installation of large-scale integrated military command/decision support centers, multi-media systems, broadcast television, and video teleconferencing systems.

In 1993, VitaTech established a new engineering service: Electromagnetic field (EMF) services including surveys and measurements, exposure and risk assessment, electromagnetic interference (EMI)/radio frequency interference (RFI) detection, shielding and cancellation. Our trained staff is thoroughly qualified to provide the following commercial, industrial and residential EMF services:

  • EMF Surveys & Measurements: DC (subways, elevators, MRIs, NMRs), AC (power lines, transformers, trains), RF (AM/FM, TV, mobile, cellular) & Microwave/Radar
  • Exposure Levels, Safety Limits, Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services
  • EMI/RFI Detection, Control & Reduction - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • EMF Shielding (rooms & MRIs), EMF Abatement (correct N.E.C. violations, net & grounding problems) & EMF Cancellation Systems (buildings & residences)

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VitaTech Engineering

115 Juliad Ct., Suite 105,
VA, 22406 Fredericksburg

Phone: 1 (540) 286 1984

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