Nanoproofed GmbH

Nanoproofed GmbH

Nanoproofed is an expert in the area of nano-coatings and an international producer of nanotechnical sealings. It provides research and development services in cooperation with other companies, business associations and various federal agencies.

Nanoproofed supports industry, trade and handcraft and, through sales partners, even consumers with long living nano-sealings on surfaces of nearly every kind of material. Company focuses on nanoprotection materials, which can help surface to stay clean. Glass and Ceramic protection, for instance, is an alcohol based system, which generates an easy-to-clean effect. Another system, which is called Anti-fog, creates a hydrophilic layer on plastic or glass surfaces which prevents the clouding of the material. Nanoproofed also works with such materials as Stone & Wood, Leather textil, Plastic, Chrome & Stainless and Varnish & Rims. Most products of the company are used for protection against harmful effects, which can happen to any of above mentioned materials. Nanotechnology for the maintenance keeps surface in original state. Enterprise also offers an exclusive product line, which usually includes the latest innovations and technologies. More information is avaliable on the website.

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Nanoproofed GmbH

Blauenkrog 15
D - 23684 Gleschendorf

Phone: +49 (0) 4524 733 43 46

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