CeraNovis GmbH

CeraNovis GmbH

CeraNovis is a young and innovative company. It's team consists of technicians and scientists with long years of experience in development and technology transfer of ceramic high-performance coatings.

CeraNovis GmbH is specialised in production, development and distribution of high-performance coatings for industrial applications and offers a comprehensive product portfolio in the following areas: - Coatings for smelters and foundries. Nano-ceramic type of coating increases service time of the coating by 300-800%. It can protect the surface from erosion and chemical attacks. It is used in the production of wheels, engine blocks and cylinder heads as well as other components. - Protective non-stick coatings for high-temperature applications. With the help of this coating thermal, chemical or mechanical stress could be avoided. - Coatings for the aerospace indusrty. This ceramic coating has been developed within the framework of the ESA's Bepi Colombo Mission. It is a white UV-resistant protective coating that is particularly inert to thermal shocks. Currently, this flexible coating can be applied to substrates such as titanium, titanium foils and aluminium. In addition, it is possible to to make any project on request of a customer. Large and medium-sized companies are wellcome for cooperation.

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CeraNovis GmbH

Untertuerkheimer Strasse 25
66117 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 (681) 5001 - 500

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