Eris Technologies

Eris Technologies

Eris Technologies is a software development company that also provided industrial training in fields like nanotechnology.

This company is aimed on providing industrial training in areas like nanotechnology. Certification in nanotechnology includes program in applied nanotechnology where the dimensions and tolerances in the range of .1nm to 100nm play a critical role. The course includes nanotechnology basics, manufacturing process, lithography, CNT, nanocomputers, nanomedicine and nanodiamond. They use a modern approach to safety and security by applying robust Enterprise GIS technology to sensors with both spatial and non-spatial data. In addition, in order to provide users with an ability to react more quickly and efficiently to events, ERIS displays a real-time Common Operating Picture (COP) for Enterprise (facility) information in a 2-Dimensional (2D) and a 3-Dimensional (3D) display.

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Eris Technologies

SCF: 10, First Floor, Phase: 3A
500034 Mohali

Phone: 8885577878

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