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Kerala Minerals & Metals (KMML)

Kerala Minerals & Metals (KMML)

The company manufactures various grades of titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

This company have invested heavily in the R&D devoted to the paint and pigment division. The view is to found world-class products and competitiveness. This excellent facility undertakes research, development and product improvement. Scientists and Engineers continuously pursue innovative technologies in the area of TiO2 pigments, quality improvement and other allied product.

KMML offers a wide range of products for quality conscious customers. Their products go into the manufacture of a variety of products used in every day life - for example dress materials, facial creams, tablets, newsprints, wood paints, emulsions, enamels, plastics, tooth paste, rubber products, cosmetics, and printing ink

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Kerala Minerals & Metals (KMML)

691 583 Chavara

Phone: +91 476 2686722

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