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Navran Advanced Nanoproducts Development

Navran Advanced Nanoproducts Development

The company develops and manufactures nanoproducts such as polymerized toners.

NAND ipl has successfully manufactured and commercialized chemical color toners, Diesel Fuel Additives and other specialty chemicals. Their target is into development and commercialization of nano-products based on Nanotechnology and they try to moving nanomaterials into products and the commercial arena. Their plan is to achieve this aim by following two ways: 1) through internal programs of developing enabling technology platforms that can be applied to multiple nanotechnology products; and 2) through collaboration with research organizations to find materials, processes, and applications. NANDs' know-how and the technology

are in the following fields:
  • Formation of nano-sized specialty chemical materials
  • Utilizing nano-materials to make structured particle products
  • Scale-up, manufacturing and commercialization of these processes and products.

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Navran Advanced Nanoproducts Development

10B, Sector-30, Opp-32nd Milestone
122001 Gurgaon

Phone: India


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