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Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co.

Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co.

Their main products are carbon nanotubes.

Timesnano is one of the worlds main CNTs manufacturers. Their front place in the world is due to their research and development ability, manufacturing level and product quality. Nowadays, the products of Timesnano include CNTs powder, CNTs paste, CNTs array, CNTs fiber, CNTs film, CNTs film adhesive tape, semi conductive SWCNTs, graphene, graphene film, graphene foam, graphene oxide,graphene nanoplatelets, fullerene and their related application products, such as conductive additives for lithium ion battery, CNTs conductive heating coating, CNTs thermal radiation coating, CNTs transparent static conductive coating, CNTs conductive fillers, CNTs functional masterbatches, CNTs epoxy composite, etc.

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Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co.

No.16,South Section 2, First Circle Road
610041 Chengdu

Phone: +86-0-1828 0405 445

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