The Company SPUR a.s. has been producing different types of plastic products since 1992. Production is based on own research and development activities, which follow market demand and also interest in new characteristics of plastics.

he production programme is devided into the following basic groups: Plastic pipelines, sheets and profiles produced by extrusion of polymers - for building, consumer, furniture, packaging industry etc. Tubes from high density polyethylene (PE-HD) for mechanical protection of optical and also metalic cables. TUBEX® - expanded insulation and packaging materials made out of foam polyethylene as tubes or sheets. RETROX® - different types of retro-reflexive materials which ensure safe visibility. SPURO® Foam - EPE packaging materials - bags, rolls, sheets, etc. SPURO® Profile - EPE foam protective profile and edges SPURO® Bubble - bubble film SPURO® Kart - extruded corrugated sheets - polypropylene PP Transparent GPPS sheets Undetachable adhesive film Research and Development - Nanotechnologie - www.spur-nanotechnologies.cz SPUR a.s. is a founder member of the Cluster of plastic producers which was established in the Zlin district in the beginning of 2006. The main targets of this association of plastics producers, are creating conditions for the development of the plastics industry in the Zlin region. Also the using of the results of research and development of the members to raise the staff's qualifications. All these activities should stimulate the economical progress of the members of the organization and strengthen competitive advantage.

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Trida Tomase Bati 299, Louky
76302 Zlin

Phone: +420 577 601 201

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