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Payamavaran Nanotechnology Fardanegar (PNF)

Payamavaran Nanotechnology Fardanegar (PNF)

The company manufactures equipment for the industrial production of wide range of metallic and metal oxide nanopowders.

This company was founded in 2007 and its aim was to create and develop the nano-technology to make the human life quality better and protect the environment.

Firstly, their main focus was on applying a great variety of high-tech methods to produce, treating and dispersing nano scale materials in different medias. So, PNF Co. has succeeded to develop the electrical explosions of wire technology to produce nano metal particles and colloids to cover the nano materials markets in different areas such as drinking water, waste water treatment, energy making and saving, automotive industry, electronics, plastics and textiles.

Secondly, their aim slightly moved to introduce a special method called hydrodynamic nano cavitation technology for dispersion, low pressure homogenization and producing micro and nano emulsions.

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Payamavaran Nanotechnology Fardanegar (PNF)

No.248,Zafar st,1918633364

Phone: 00982126400305

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