Qlight Nanotech

Qlight Nanotech

This company is devoting to developing Quantum Dots.

This Israel company is devoting to general lighting, displays and more. The company is led by scientific greats such as Professor Uri Banin from the Institute of Chemistry and the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other eminent scientists specializing in nanotechnology, electro optics and material sciences. Qlight’s technology is based on unique semiconductor nanocrystals, QlightersTM, prepared by a scalable wet chemical synthesis method. Qlighters are IP protected nanocrystals with ultimate control over the nanoparticle size, shape and composition.

Qlighters can be spin-coated, ink-jetted, embedded in films, polymers, etc. This control over the nanoparticles and their environment perform this company with optical characteristics to meet the most demanding challenges of different applications and technologies in the display, lighting, electro-optical, and biomedical fields.

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Qlight Nanotech

Derech Brodetski street

Phone: +972-2-5716992

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