The company Rokospol is very much oriented on research and development in the field of construction chemistry and paints in the CR. Its products represent the absolute top in Europe, but also on the world market. For experts it is no surprise. Emphasis on research and development shows that it is practically the only way to compete with multinational monopolies.

Rokospol makes a wide range of coating systems of alkyd paints, epoxides, polyurethanes, glaze coats, thinners and special colors for the industry. For the construction sector, Rokospol produces cements for drywall, interior and exterior paints, penetration, gravel waterproofing, materials for redevelopment of concrete structures, leveling screeds, cement glues and grouts, structural plasters, materials for insulation systems and many other products. The unique product Detoxy Color SpA has also achieved many successes in Asia and ME countries.

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Kanovice 101
763 41 Biskupice u Luhačovic

Phone: + 420 577 110 111

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