E3DA Ltd. is an innovator in applied research and commercialization of battery technologies. The company’s 3D technology and Li-battery production processes are based on three dimensional electrodes using lithium nano-materials (patented HE3DA® technology).

HE3DA® is a technological platform meeting all requirements for mass market application. HE3DA has developed an accumulator/battery with technical and economical parameters prepared for utilization in high capacity frequency stabilization and energy storage system for energy sector as well as other applications. Applications for the car industry will be ready to enter production by mid-2016. The president and co-founder of HE3DA Ltd., Dr. Jan Prochazka has spent years in nano-technology research in the USA. He discovered the possibility of using lithium nano-materials to create a whole new generation of high-power batteries with unique three-dimensional electrodes.

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Beranovych 130
19905 Praha

Phone: +420 225 115 306

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