CASO is a non-profit organisation which aims to contribute to the training of young European consciousness through artistic, scientific and movement.

CASO was founded in July 2006 by the experience of the informal group CASO art born on 1 July 2004. The association deals with contemporary art, science and movement translated into outdoor activities and public facilities . Claims, as per statute, the initiatives of collective CASOart and also support projects and / or spontaneous activities that are presented to people in line with the objective: to contribute to the formation of the conscience of young European through artistic, scientific and movement or activity between these intertwined. The key words to understand the initiative and IF CASOart are therefore: internationality, multisciplinarietà, multimedia, accessibility. Key idea, as the name of the Association, is one of randomness. The coincidences, the circumstances of the case, create relationships wrapped emotions and sensations atypical compared to the usual sense. This extraordinary amount of energy, if complemented by voluntary actions, under the right conditions, led to the creation and implementation of new projects, or the modification of existing situations.

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via C. Colombo, 15

Phone: +39 333 6898435

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