Biontex is a highly innovative biotech company in the field of genetic engineering. The company's operations focus is on transfection, a field covering the introduction of genetic material (transfection) and proteins (proteofection) into eukaryotic cells.

Biontex continuously improves the technology by advancing our synthetically produced carrier systems for DNA, mRNA, siRNA, antibodies and proteins and developing a variety of high-quality genetic engineering tools. The current focus of the research is the development of all-new strategies to maximize the efficiency of transfection for any type of cell - in vivo or in vitro - by means of synthetic carrier components free from immunological effects and toxicity. By the sequential efforts they could identify components of the innate immune system as a barrier of a successful transfection. Against this background the aim is to provide made-to-measure products for all cell types and to offer additional valuable aids in biological and pharmaceutical research.

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Landsberger Str. 234
80687 Munchen

Phone: +49 89 32479950

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