CCM GmbH is a specialist in OEM products, also known as “Private Label. This company offers a wide range of products among which we can find: “Liquid Glass” coatings, Bacoban® and “Coolmaster”. CCM is multi Green Apple Award winner.

CCM has won “The Green Apple Award” (the UK’s leading International Environmental prize) in 2012 for “Biosativa®” their Bio-Cleaner and in 2013 for “Snap’n’Care”, the fridge disinfection unit. The product - “Liquid Glass” coatings have been nominated, several times, for different awards. The other popular products are Bacoban® and Coolmaster. Bacoban® is a unique CE / VAH certified Medical Grade surface disinfection which offers 10 day anti pathogen protection. It reduces the need for excessive disinfection, limits the use of disinfectant liquids and so offers significant environmental benefits. “Coolmaster” - is a patented dry ice cleaning system. This can be use in tandem with our Liquid Glass coatings.

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Diepenbroich 8
51491 Overath

Phone: +49 (0) 2206 / 938 590 – 0

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