Bionanoplus is a drug delivery company specialized in providing polymeric nanoencapsulation solutions.

Bionanoplus has solved the scalability problem of traditional nanoparticle manufacturing methods avoiding the use of volatile organic solvents, thus it ensures an easy and cheap production at any scale that can be performed using standard equipment and techniques. Bionanoplus has developed several proprietary technology platforms to obtain nanoparticle-based systems without using volatile organic solvents. The main advantages are: Our systems maintain the polymeric nanoparticles potential: increased bioavailability, controlled release, and enhanced solubility and stability. No volatile organic solvents means no special equipment or techniques to eliminate the common industrial scale-up issues decisive in many project failures which, together with a low cost of goods, ensures a cost-effectiveness production. All raw materials comply with the regulatory requirements and are commercially available.

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Pol. Mocholi, Plaza Cein, 5 Nave B14
31110 Navarra

Phone: 34 680 304 624

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