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OPIE’16: Micro & Nano EXPO

OPIE’16: Micro & Nano EXPO

Event Opening Date:  18. May 2016

Event Termination Date:  20. May 2016

Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

OPIE’16 (The OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition) held each April at Pacifico Yokohama is proud to announce a new exhibition to join its existing six in 2016, The Micro & Nano Expo.

OPIE’16 consists of seven exhibitions: Micro & Nano EXPO, LASER EXPO 2016, LENS EXPO 2016, Optical Measurement & Positioning EXPO 2016, Medical & Imaging EXPO 2016, Space & Astronomical Optics EXPO 2016.

Micro & Nano exhibition has close links to the existing ones, especially the Optical Measurement & Positioning EXPO, ensuring that a high level of synergy can be expected.

Micro and Nano technology is applicable in a number of fields and industries, including Industrial plants, Medical and Bio Welfare, Home electronics, Information equipment, Automotive, Robotics, Aerospace, Environmental, Agriculture, Measurement / Analysis. Continuous growth and development is anticipated in to the future.

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