Exhibitions and Events
27 March 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

World Congress and Expo on Nanotechnology and Nanoengineering

4 April 2017
Barcelona, Spain

The 2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology Modeling and Simulation

22 May 2017
Ostrava, Czech Republic

NanoOstrava 2017

6 June 2017
Rome, Italy

The 8th International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications

12 June 2017
Rome, Italy

9th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering

21 June 2017
Valletta, Malta

EuroNanoForum 2017

24 July 2017
Rome, Italy

NanoPharma 2017

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ACTC 2016 - Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture

Organizer: Kirkstall Ltd

ACTC 2016 - Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture

Event Opening Date:  30. May 2016

Event Termination Date:  1. June 2016

Barcelona, Spain

Following the success of our last ACTC meeting in Pisa last year, this year we will be holding the Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture conference in one of the most spectacular European cities – Barcelona.

The conference will take place between 30th May and 1st June 2016 and aims to create an interdisciplinary forum of scientists who meet each year in a unique atmosphere for discussions and exchange of knowledge. The objective of the meeting is also to promote contact between junior and senior researches, students and professionals from European companies, governments and universities. It follows 7 prior annual events, at which a successful event format and lively community of participants has been created. Meetings are hosted by leading academic researchers in related sub-specialities and broadly attended by delegates working in development and use of in vitro methods for a variety of applications in toxicity, safety, regenerative medicine and medical research.

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