Exhibitions and Events
27 March 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

World Congress and Expo on Nanotechnology and Nanoengineering

4 April 2017
Barcelona, Spain

The 2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology Modeling and Simulation

22 May 2017
Ostrava, Czech Republic

NanoOstrava 2017

6 June 2017
Rome, Italy

The 8th International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications

12 June 2017
Rome, Italy

9th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering

21 June 2017
Valletta, Malta

EuroNanoForum 2017

24 July 2017
Rome, Italy

NanoPharma 2017

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A Voyage From Molecules to Materials Norway

A Voyage From Molecules to Materials Norway

Event Opening Date:  11. January 2015

Event Termination Date:  15. January 2015

Tromse, Norway

A Voyage From Molecules to Materials with Numerical Methods for Quantum Chemistry

The goal of NMQC is to gather interdisciplinary scientific expertise to promote a fruitful exchange of ideas and spur progress in the development of this field.Traditional quantum chemical methods are being pushed to the limit of their capabilities due to the growing focus on high accuracy and large non-periodic systems. The need for innovative approaches is now manifest.

Real-space numerical methods are a promising alternative: they are mathematically robust, very accurate and well suited for modern, massively parallel computing resources. However, they are still not a mainstream activity in quantum chemistry: their current computational overhead, their memory footprint and the lack of widely available software with standard features are among the challenges that need to be overcome.

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