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Nano tech 2015 Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference Tokyo

Nano tech 2015 Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference Tokyo

Event Opening Date:  28. January 2015

Event Termination Date:  30. January 2015

East Hall 4-6 & Conference Tower, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

nano tech 2015 - The 14th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference Nano tech

Discover technology innovation for tomorrow at the world's largest event for nanotechnologies! Visit Nano tech 2015 in Tokyo Japan

Category of Exhibits

Nano Materials

fullerene, carbon nanotube, photonics material, composite material, excellent magnetic material, highly pure material, nano coating, nano ink, nano composite material, nano particle, biocompatible material, graphene

Nano Evaluation & Measurement

SPM / AFM, ultra precision measuring instrument, electron microscope (SEM / TEM), high efficiency / high sensitive sensor, molecular imaging, evaluation measurement and designing tool, simulation, molecular design software, piezo stage, near-field optical, micro TAS

Nano Fabrication Technology

nano particle mixture / dispersion, next-generation lithography, nano imprint, laser processing, electron beam / ion beam processing, fusion / bonding technology, etching, priming charge processing, thin film manufacturing technology, ultra precision surface processing technology, nano transistor technology, precision pattern printing technology

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