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2016 U.S. - EU Workshop

2016 U.S. - EU Workshop

Event Opening Date:  6. June 2016

Event Termination Date:  7. June 2016

Virginia, USA

The 2016 U.S.-EU: Bridging NanoEHS Research Efforts joint workshop will bring together the U.S.- EU Communities of Research (CORs), which serve as a platform for U.S. and EU scientists to share information on nanoEHS research. This is the 5th event in a series of joint nanoEHS workshops organized by the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative and the European Commission.

The purpose of the workshop is to further promote and deepen the U.S.-EU collaboration on nanosafety research. This workshop will review progress toward COR goals and objectives, clarify and communicate future plans, share best practices, and identify areas of cross-COR collaboration. The workshop will also feature a COR-led NanoEHS Scrimmage in which the communities will collectively respond to a hypothetical spill of a nanotechnology-enabled product.

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