Nano Retina

Nano Retina

It is developing an ultra small, easy to implant, artificial retina designed to restore sight.

Nano Retina is an innovative company that accepted the unique aim of restoring vision to blind people using advanced nanotechnology. This company was established in 2009 and its team is developing a tool that will enable blind people due to retinal degenerative disease obtain functional vision. They will provide a solution that will allow the patient increasingly better mobility and orientation while keeping the risk to a minimum. They try to provide their patients more independence, mobility and orientation. One of their inventions is very interesting - The wireless and rechargeable eyeglasses that provide the Nano Retina implant with power, communicate with the implant and allow the patient to fine-tune different light settings at a push of a button.

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Nano Retina

8 Maskit St.,
4614002 Herzliya

Phone: +972.74.7377666

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