Nano Iron,s.r.o.

Nano Iron,s.r.o.

NANO IRON, s.r.o. is engaged in production of nanoparticles of elementary iron (Fe(0), nZVI = nanoscale Zero Valent Iron) and technical support in the applications. The company disposes of a unique, environmentally friendly and wasteless technology enabling production of Fe(0) nanoparticles at the industrial scale with almost unlimited production capacity.

The produced iron nanoparticles are delivered in the form of long-term stable aqueous dispersions (NANOFER 25 , NANOFER 25S) suitable e.g. in ground water remediation and waste water treatment. As a special product the company also offers pure nanopowder of zero-valent iron in the dry state preserved in the inert atmosphere (NANOFER 25P) suitable for further processing and modification. There is also a new air-stable nZVI powder available (NANOFER STAR). NANOFER products are highly applicable in the reduction technologies of ground water remediation, hutch water, industrial water and waste water treatment and many other applications due to the extraordinary reduction capabilities, small size of particles in the range of several tens of nanometers and high reactivity with a broad spectrum of toxic substances

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Nano Iron,s.r.o.

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