Fuso Chemical

Fuso Chemical

This company manufactures colloidal silica nanoparticles.

This company was established in 1956.

One of their main products, malic acid, they are the only manufacturer in Japan, and their ultra-high-purity colloidal silica has established a position as an major material in precision manufacturing throughout the world.

In fact, they are the world's number one producers of poultices.

Drawing on many years of experience and expertise in the area of anti-inflammatory and analgesic plasters, development work at Teikoku Seiyaku is now proceeding in two directions. The first aims on new products for other therapeutic fields, employing transdermal (through the skin) absorption technology. The second area of product development is in pain-relief products. In addition, Teikoku is one of the few manufacturers licensed to handle narcotic drugs for medical use in Japan and abroad.

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Fuso Chemical

Nissei Fushimi-machi Bldg. Shinkan, 3-10, Koraibashi 4-chome, Chuo-ku
541-0043 Osaka

Phone: +81-6-6203-7456


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