Altatech develops highly efficient cost effective inspection and CVD technologies used for R&D, pilot and manufacturing of semiconductor, LEDs, MEMS and photovoltaic device.

Today Altatech develops a unique portfolio of technologies - including standard and customized equipment and expertise:Mature and advanced process deposition and Holistic defect inspection and metrology. The AltaCVD product line combines Altatech’s unique technologies for your mature CVD applications and advanced materials deposition.Based on innovative technologies, AltaCVD divides in 2 different solutions. 1.Mature process deposition - AltaCVD Silane, AltaCVD TEOS, AltaCVD High Temp 2.Advanced materials deposition - AltaCVD Advanced Materials

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611, rue Aristide Berges, ZIRST de Montbonnot, ZAC de Pre Millet Read more: Altatech | Nanowerk Nanotechnology Company Database
38330 Montbonnot St Martin


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