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International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

Organizer: Serena Martin

International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

Event Opening Date:  14. November 2017

Event Termination Date:  16. November 2017

Philadelphia, USA

International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo welcomes you as our guest to the City of Philadelphia, USA during November 14-16, 2017. The International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo aims in Bridging Pharma Academia with the Industry.

iPharma 2017 includes nearly every permutation of knowledge, innovation, technology and networking; and has an objective of creating an international forum for academicians, practitioners and business professionals to discuss the soundest issues related to Pharmaceuticals.

iPharma 2017 offers unparalleled business opportunities and access to new markets in Health Science. Be on the cutting edge of new and often yet-unreleased information and discover an area that piques your interest.

Join us and witness the booming industry by participating at iPharma 2017 and give your business access to buyers and opportunities from throughout the world.

Conference Sessions

Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences [General]

Physical Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmacognosy, Biosensors in Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmaceutical Drug Formulation.

Drug Discovery & Designing [Academia]

Prodrug design, Insilco Drug Discovery, Criteria of Target Selection, Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD), Advancements of In vitro and In vivo studies and Drug Discovery’s Challenge(s)

Novel Drug Delivery Systems [Academia]

Smart Drug Delivery Systems,Biomaterials in Drug Delivery, Vaccine Drug Delivery Systems, Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery, Major Challenges in Drug Delivery System, Medical Devices for Drug Delivery, Routes of Drug Delivery and Ideal drug delivery vehicle.

Innovations in Drug Development [General]

Innovative Therapeutic Studies, Effect of Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Drug Development, Technical limitations in Drug Development, Difficulties in Regulatory Approvals and Financial constraints in Drug Development

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology [General]

Nanoparticle synthesis, Nanocarriers, Applications of Pharmaceutical Nanotools,Future Prospects of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology,Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery and Toxicological assessment of nanomaterials as drugs

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing [Business]

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers; processes and difficulties, GMP, GCP and Quality Control, Pharmaceutical industry challenges and the need for global and regional collaboration, GMP Inspections in Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Risk Management (QRM) for pharmaceutical operations

Pharma Marketing [Business]

Pharmaceutical Formulations Market, Licensing, Manufacturing&Health Economics, Pharma Pricing & Market Access, Global Generic Trends & Global Pharma Market, E-pharma marketing, Post-market surveillance, Generic Drug Market and Contract Manufacturing and Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases

Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs [Business]

Pre-Clinical Research, Conducts of Clinical Trials, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Drug Quantification, Innovations in Clinical Trials, Regulatory affairs & Pharmacovigilance, Bioethics and Quality Regulation, Regulatory Challenges for Medical Devices, Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Access& Intellectual property& FDA Regulations

Neuropharmacology [Academia]

Behavioral Neuropharmacology, Clinical Neuropharmacology, Molecular Neuropharmacology, Neuroendocrinology and Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Biopharmaceutical [Academia]

Vaccines, Gene therapy, Recombinant protein, Stem Cell therapy, Monoclonal Abs and Blood Components

Nutraceuticals- Nutrient Pharmaceuticals [General]

Nutraceuticals in Disease Prevention and Therapy, Probiotics and Prebiotics,Nutraceuticals for Weight Management,Dietary Supplements & Functional foods, Nutraceuticals Market- Growth Trends and Nutraceuticals for Health.

Separation Technique [General]

Molecular Diagnostics, Recent Advances in Spectroscopy and Medical Imaging

Drug Discovery and Therapy [General]

Cancer Targeted Drug Delivery, Cardiovascular Drug Discovery and Therapy, CNS Drug Discovery and Therapy, Diabetes and Obesity Drug Discovery &Therapy, Women health drug discovery and therapy and Pulmonary Drug Discovery &Therapy

Green Chemistry [Academia]

Covers all aspects of green chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, from simple molecules to complex proteins, and from drug discovery to the fate of pharmaceuticals in the environment. The Development of Organic Synthesis, The Environmental Factor and Marine Drugs and Natural Products

Biosimilars [General]


Drug Abuse [General]

Medical Marijuana, Cannabinoids, Steroids

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