Exhibitions and Events
14 November 2017
Philadelphia, USA

International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

16 November 2017
London, United Kingdom

4th International Conference on Smart Materials & Structures

14 December 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

ASEAN NanoTech 2017

19 March 2018
Berlin, Germany

16th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems

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CompNanoTox 2015:European Conference on Computional Nanotoxicology

CompNanoTox 2015:European Conference on Computional Nanotoxicology

Event Opening Date:  4. November 2015

Event Termination Date:  6. November 2015

Malaga, Spain

CompNanoTox 2015 is jointly organized by six EU FP7 projects in Malaga,Spain.The main purpose of the conference is to disseminate the results and integrate the European projects focused on developing computational methods for toxicological risk assessment of engineered nanoparticles.

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