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11th International Particle Toxicology Conference, Singapore

11th International Particle Toxicology Conference, Singapore

Event Opening Date:  26. September 2016

Event Termination Date:  30. September 2016

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

The International Particle Toxicology Conference is one of the longest standing scientific meeting series in its field and the 2016 conference in Singapore will be the first IPTC in Asia.

The central theme of the 2016 IPTC conference will be on particle toxicology, with special focus on:

  • Forest fire particles
  • Engineered nanoparticles
  • Combustion engine particles
  • Non-combustion traffic particles
  • Natural and artificial fibres
  • Particles for diagnosis, treatment and therapy of diseases

While particle and fibre toxicology will be the main focus for IPTC 2016, we also aim at exchanges with the bio-medical community, invite contributions on health-beneficial particle-bio interactions, and welcome all types of original particle research. The conference is set up as a small, intimate meeting of the best researchers in the field. It is attended usually by about 150 to 250 scientists, many of them leaders in their respective field of research.

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