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Can nanotechnology be used for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease?

It was recently showed that most of our cells are the source of small nanoscopic particles called exosomes. They play an important role in transmitting signals between our cells and can be found in bodily fluids such ...

Effects of weak planetary rotation on the stability and dynamics of internal stratified jets

The earth's rotation causes the Coriolis effect, which deflects massive air and water flows toward the right in the Northern Hemisphere and toward the left in the Southern Hemisphere. This phenomenon greatly impacts g...

Simplest method of measuring nanoparticles’ size and size distribution on the surface and on sub-surface layers

Recently there has been an emphasis for characterizing nanostructured materials such as twodimensional (2D) and zero-dimensional (0D) materials. For example, graphene, carbon nanotubes, etc. are two-dimensional (2D) m...

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