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BioNanoMed 2017 - Nanotechnology in Biology & Medicine

Organizer: Margit Malatschnig

BioNanoMed 2017 - Nanotechnology in Biology & Medicine

Event Opening Date:  20. March 2017

Event Termination Date:  22. March 2017

Krems, Austria

We cordially invite you to submit your scientific work for the 8th International Congress - BioNanoMed 2017 the exclusive Know-How-Transfer meeting for scientists, researchers, engineers and practitioners from Natural Science, Medical Science and Engineering Subjects throughout the world.

BioNanoMed 2017 Topics

  • Advanced Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
  • Regenerative Nanomedicine - Nanotechnology and Stem Cells
  • Nanotechnology for Detection, Diagnosis, Imaging & Sensing
  • NanoPharmaceuticals - an Emerging Era
  • Nanotherapy - a promising step to Personalized Nanomedicine
  • Clinical Applications of Nanomedicine: Unmet Needs, Challenges, Success Stories & Failures in Clinical Trials
  • Brain Targeting and Neurological Nanotherapeutics
  • NanoSafety Implementation in Nanomedicine

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